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Windows XP - Change the Sound Settings

Welcome to this Windows XP tutorial on how to change the sound settings. You may want to change the sound settings for preference.

Thinks To Note
  • Click the images to see a larger version
  • Yellow arrows or circles indicate where to look or click
  • Unless specified otherwise use the 'left' mouse button to click

Windows XP - Change the Sound Settings

Start Menu in Windows XP showing selection of control panel

With your computer logged into Windows you should have the desktop loaded. In the lower left corner of the screen click the 'Start' button. A vertical menu will pop up.

On the right of the pop up start menu are many commonly used items. As pictured 'Control Panel' is one of these items.

Click the 'Control Panel' option on the start menu.

Control Panel selecting sound

The control panel will load showing all of the available settings. You will see an icon for 'Sound and audio devices' which we have highlighted in the picture.

With your mouse, double click the 'Sounds and audio devices' icon.

The sound and audio devices properties window will appear.

Sound and audio devices window in Windows XP

You will see the sounds and audio devices property window with five tabs along the top.

The volume tab is where you can set the Windows XP sound volume. Whilst you can set this through your computer speakers it mat be worth checking the setting here if your sound is low.

You have a horizontal slider than can be moved from low to high for the volume.

There is a tick box for muting the volume and a setting for placing the sound icon on the taskbar near the clock.

Sound and audio devices window in Windows XP

Click the Sounds tab.

Under the sounds tab you can setup sounds to play when Windows XP performs certain tasks.

You will see a drop down box under 'Sound Schemes' which in our example shows 'No Sounds' and 'Windows Default'. If you select the no sounds then as it implies no sounds will be played when Windows XP performs a task.

Click the Windows defaults.

Sound and audio devices window in Windows XP

You will be prompted when you change a scheme to say that any changes you made to the existing sound scheme will be lost unless you save the changes. Click 'No'.

This will load the sound scheme as Windows default.

Sound and audio devices window in Windows XP

You can now see that the sound scheme as been selected to Windows Default and below this drop down box is a list of program events that can occur in Windows XP and next to some of them a little speaker icon.

The speaker icon tells us that a sound is allocated to this windows event.

Sound and audio devices window in Windows XP

If you click the up or down arrow on the vertical scroll bar on the right you can scroll all the available events.

As in our example click the 'Exit Windows' event and you will see the drop down box near the bottom of the sounds and audio devices property box light up or become available. There will be a sound and in our example it is called 'Windows XP Shutdown.wav'

If you press the small triangle (play button) to the right of the drop down box it will play the sound.

Sound and audio devices window in Windows XP

If you wanted to change the sound for when the computer shuts down or any other event then click the drop down box and a list of sounds will be shown. Click the sound you want to use from the list.

Once you have selected a sound click the 'Apply' button to save the change.

If you have finished changing the sound settings, click the 'Ok' button.

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