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Windows XP - Change Screen Saver

Welcome to this Windows XP tutorial on how to change your screen saver. You may want to change or add a screen saver to prevent monitor burn which leaves an image shadow if there has been no screen movement in a long time.

Thinks To Note
  • Click the images to see a larger version
  • Yellow arrows or circles indicate where to look or click
  • Unless specified otherwise use the 'left' mouse button to click

Windows XP - Change Screen Saver

Start Menu in Windows XP showing selection of control panel

With your computer logged into Windows you should have the desktop loaded. In the lower left corner of the screen click the 'Start' button. A vertical menu will pop up.

On the right of the pop up start menu are many commonly used items. As pictured 'Control Panel' is one of these items.

Click the 'Control Panel' option on the start menu.

Control Panel selecting Display

The control panel will load showing all of the available settings. You will see an icon for 'Display' which we have highlighted in the picture.

With your mouse, double click the 'Display' icon.

The Display properties window will appear.

Display properties box showing screen saver in Windows XP

You will see five tabs along the top of the display properties window. The middle and third one is the 'Screen Saver' tab. Click this tab.

You will see the screen saver window as pictured

By default the Windows XP screensaver is selected and it comes on if there has been no pixel movement on the screen (nobody working on it).

You see a preview monitor which shows you what the screensaver will look like.

Display properties box selecting the drop down box of screen savers

If you click the 'screen saver' drop down box that currently reads 'Windows XP' you will see a list of available screen savers. Click the screen saver you want to use.

You will notice the selected screen saver will be previewed in the preview monitor.

Display properties showing selected screen saver in Windows XP

Under the screen saver drop down box you can choose the amount of time Windows XP will wait before starting the screen saver. The Windows XP default is 10 minutes. Use the small up or down arrows to adjust the time in minutes.

You will also see a check box that asks if you want to 'On resume, display welcome screen'. This logs the computer off as it assumes you are away from your desk. It is more secure to be logged off your computer if you are not there.

Once you have chosen the screen saver and options click the 'Ok' button to close the display properties window.

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