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Windows XP - Change Regional Settings

Welcome to this Windows XP tutorial on how to change the regional settings. You may want to change the regional settings to suit your country preferences.

Thinks To Note
  • Click the images to see a larger version
  • Yellow arrows or circles indicate where to look or click
  • Unless specified otherwise use the 'left' mouse button to click

Windows XP - Change Regional Settings

Start Menu in Windows XP showing selection of control panel

With your computer logged into Windows you should have the desktop loaded. In the lower left corner of the screen click the 'Start' button. A vertical menu will pop up.

On the right of the pop up start menu are many commonly used items. As pictured 'Control Panel' is one of these items.

Click the 'Control Panel' option on the start menu.

Control Panel selecting regional

The control panel will load showing all of the available settings. You will see an icon for 'Regional and Language Options' which we have highlighted in the picture.

With your mouse, double click the 'Regional and Language Options' icon.

The Regional and Language Options properties window will appear.

Display properties box showing regional settings in Windows XP

When the regional properties window loads you will see three tabs along the top the first being 'Regional Options'.

This tab is what controls how your local settings are used such as currency, date format and news location.

You will see a drop down box which allows you to select your country in the 'Standards and formats' and 'Location' settings.

standards and format for computer languages

If you click the drop down box in the 'Standards and Formats' section you will see a list of countries as pictured.

Choose your preferred country.

We'll have a look at the 'Languages' tab next. Click the 'Languages tab at the top of the Regional and language options property box.

Once you have selected your preferred country you can click 'Ok' at the bottom of the window to close the regional properties box.

change the computer language for currency and date format in Windows XP

In this section you can change the language that your computer uses. This is normally set to the keyboard you have which is normally configured for your country.

To change the input / keyboard language click the 'Details' tab.

text services and language settings in windows xp

You will see the 'Text services and Input Languages' window appear. You will see that a language is already set, in our example it is set to English United Kingdom.

You will see below the drop down box is also the installed languages as you can have more than one.

To the right of the 'Installed Services' section is a 'Add' Button which allows you to add another language.

Click the add button and we'll add a language.

language and keyboard settings in Windows XP

The 'Add input language' dialog box appears as pictured with a drop down box prompting you for the language.

Click the drop down box and click the language you wish to add, in our case the English - (United States) our cross atlantic buddies.

display input language for united states

You will see the new language is selected in the drop down list now and a new section has opened up asking what keyboard language you want to use.

It is normal to keep the defaults for this.

Click the 'Ok' button at the bottom of the 'add input language' box.

You will be returned to the 'Text services and input languages' window.

text services and input languages in Windows XP

You will now be able to see the additional language that you added. In our example we now have English (United Kingdom) and English (United States).

You can switch between these languages by pressing the Left Alt + Shift keys on the keyboard.

ALternatively you can remove the language you don't need by clicking to highlight the language and clicking the 'Remove' button.

Once you have finished setting the language settings click the 'Ok' button to close the 'Text services and Input Languages' window.

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