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Windows 7 - Create a user password

Welcome to this Windows 7 tutorial for creating a password for a user. You may want to create a password to ensure nobody but you can access it.

Thinks To Note
  • Click the images to see a larger version
  • Yellow arrows or circles indicate where to look or click
  • Unless specified otherwise use the 'left' mouse button to click

Windows 7 - Create a password for a user

Start Menu button displays the recently used programs and the start menu which shows available programs. Access to the control panel can be made from here.

With the Windows 7 screen loaded to the desktop you will see a blue bar along the bottom and a blank screen usually blue which is the desktop and normally has a recycle bin icon on it.

From the lower left side of the screen click the Start Menu button which will pop up and produce a vertical menu as pictured left.

At the top of the menu above the user name you will see a small picture. With your mouse click this small picture.

Windows 7 user accounts dialog box, choose a task to add or remove users or change the way users logon to windows 7

You will see the box as on the left which shows a list of options and the existing users which in this case is 'User'.

From the menu under 'Make Changes to Your User Account' click the option 'Manage Another Account'.

This will launch the next window

Windows 7 user accounts dialog box, you can see the profile pictures that can be changed

You will see the user account dialog box appear. You should see all the created users including the currently logged on user account and normally 'Guest'. Click the picture and name of the account you wish to change from the user list.

The 'Make Changes to Account' window will display.

Windows 7 user accounts dialog box, add and remove users, change passwords or profile pictures

You will now see the heading for 'Make Changes to 'your user' Account' and a list of available options. One of these options is 'Create a Password'. If you don't see this option you may instead see 'Change Password' or 'Remove Password' which indicates you already have a password set.

If available click on the 'Create a Password' hyperlink.

Windows 7 user accounts dialog box, you can choose to be an administrator which allows change of Windows 7 system settings

You will now be shown the box that allows you to enter a password. In the first box type in the password that you want this user to have.

In the second box you need to re-type the password again to ensure you typed it correctly the first time.

The third box is optional and is for a password hint. This is incase you forget what you chose. It may just jog your memory (nothing too obvious though, otherwise no point in a password!).

Once you have filled the boxes in, click the 'Create Password' button at the bottom of the window.

Windows 7 user accounts dialog box, limit the account to limited user stops them changing important windows system settings

You will be taken back to the list of available options for managing the user you selected.

If you look at the options now you will see that there is no 'Create a password' option but instead 'Change Password' and 'Remove Password' options. You will also notice under the user's picture it now says 'Password Protected'.

When this user next logs on to the computer they will need to use the newly created password.

In the top right click the red box with the white X in it. This closes the user accounts box and returns you to the Windows 7 desktop.

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