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Commercial Viability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1. Intro to Article
2. Snow Leopard at a glance
3. Usability of Snow Leopard
4. Networking with OS X
5. Comparison to Microsoft Windows 7
6. Positive Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
7. Negative Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
8. Commercial Viability of MAC OS X Snow Leopard
9. Closing


It would be easy to assume I am a big Microsoft fan, it's all I've known and I've little experience with Macs but I really am seeking the Mac to win the computer war as I believe it to be a better product.

My personal view is that Mac and Snow Leopard are perfect for the home and even some businesses although a step too short for full office integration. If you are thinking of Mac for your business I say go for it but think and plan first, making sure you can do everything you need to do.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

Chris Williams author of this computer history article

Chris Williams


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