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Commercial Viability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1. Intro to Article
2. Snow Leopard at a glance
3. Usability of Snow Leopard
4. Networking with OS X
5. Comparison to Microsoft Windows 7
6. Positive Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
7. Negative Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
8. Commercial Viability of MAC OS X Snow Leopard
9. Closing

Negative Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)

After the above you are probably wondering if I can say anything bad about Mac aren't you? I know it sounds like I have sold all my PC's bought Mac replacements, and gone all ‘Designer' but I haven't yet. I say ‘yet' as I don't know the future between Microsoft and Apple. I would be happy to surrender my PCs and Microsoft Software to Apple although time will tell if that will be feasible.

The negatives to Snow Leopard over Windows 7 are very few but very important!

First of all I was wondering whether to mention the price of the Macs as it isn't really a negative because ultimately you get what you pay for and I believe quality wise that Apple is better and I would pay that premium to have better. However you can buy more Windows based laptop for half the price of a Mac. Some people may ‘put up with the minor differences in speed and reliability' for the sake of £500.

Upgradeability may not seem like a negative to some Mac users including myself to a point as I have a MacBook and the only thing I would possible want to change is the RAM and that is possible after all! However some people will want to change features whether it is the latest graphics card which will be impossible in some Macs, or adding other none standard hardware like better sound or webcam products. These are not always going to easy to implement into the Mac due to lack of driver support for third party hardware from both Apple and the third party companies.

Program compatibility is the major issue which I am hoping will become a thing of the past over the next few years but until then it is a real issue. Because Microsoft have dominated the computer market for so many years, many programs have been specifically written to the Windows platform. We have seen Office 2011 for Mac which is a great step forward although more companies need to write for Mac and not just Windows if we are going to see the Mac take over the PC.

This very last point brings me to the conclusion of this topic below.

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