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Commercial Viability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1. Intro to Article
2. Snow Leopard at a glance
3. Usability of Snow Leopard
4. Networking with OS X
5. Comparison to Microsoft Windows 7
6. Positive Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
7. Negative Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
8. Commercial Viability of MAC OS X Snow Leopard
9. Closing

Positive Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)

This is a subjective topic I guess for many people. Whether you are a Microsoft or Apple fan will depend how important some of the following will be. These are my opinions of course from my experience using both Microsoft (16 years) and Apple (1 month).

The Snow Leopard OS is written to work on their own specific hardware specification which undoubtedly makes for a good solid compatible system, this factor in itself is what Apple can attribute their reliability to in my opinion. If Microsoft had used this same principal I believe their systems would be equally as stable.

Snow Leopard is fast to boot, shut down and fast to use too.

Snow Leopard is well laid out with the apps along the Dock at the bottom, Utilities and System Preferences easily accessible and everything else only a few clicks away. Networking is straight forward enough, adding printers was a breeze, installing programs is as easy as 123.

Because there is generally no extra hardware needed there are no real problems with hardware compatibility or getting optional devices to work as Snow Leopard is already setup to work with add-on Apple hardware.

Software availability isn't as vast for Macs in general which I find the biggest issue although that may be the Microsoft mind coming out in me! Apple do have some good apps of their own to do the same tasks as their Microsoft counterparts. The main programs would be the iLife and iWork suites which often come as a package with Mac or can be bought separately. Another major boost to Mac is the availability of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (or should that be Microsoft Office 2011 for People who cannot let go of Windows)!

It is well known that Macs don't attract viruses the same as PCs which is more than likely due to the fact hackers are not writing viruses for Mac. Conspiracy theories are rife about who actually writes the viruses; I'll leave that notion alone for now!

Snow Leopard Retail is cheap to buy in software terms, and other software such as iWork and iLife is reasonable too. Apple have the software pricing right, Adobe need to work on theirs though!!

Overall very happy with the MacBook and Snow Leopard and everything it does. It is a good performer and would question if you need a PC at home if you had a Mac.

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