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Commercial Viability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1. Intro to Article
2. Snow Leopard at a glance
3. Usability of Snow Leopard
4. Networking with OS X
5. Comparison to Microsoft Windows 7
6. Positive Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
7. Negative Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
8. Commercial Viability of MAC OS X Snow Leopard
9. Closing

Comparison to Microsoft Windows 7

Whilst I think Apple have come a long way since the start to the Millennium I believe Microsoft have too. Windows XP was a good solid system which is loved by many people in the Home and Office. It is easy to use and more than anything, it works! Unfortunately Microsoft have this knack of taking something good and ruining it; taking Windows XP and creating Vista for example!

Love them or loathe them Microsoft have corrected themselves (again!) and thrown Vista back in to the pot and cooked up Windows 7. It is kind of Windows XP stability with a Vista outfit on! This puts Microsoft back in play. As I am writing this in March 2011, I do feel that Microsoft are dragging a little behind Apple in the market stakes, maybe not financially but in market share. I now hear many people that are switching to Mac or have an iPod, iPhone, iPad or all of them. Apple appear to be gaining speed on Microsoft's failings; people are becoming frustrated with Microsoft's reliability, speed and virus problems.

Windows 7 is a fair product though and one that I find fairly stable, easy to use and it has some good features. In Windows 7 you can add all your programs or shortcuts to the Taskbar (Dock) like in Snow Leopard and there is a neat preview function when moving between those open programs or windows. Shut down is fairly fast although I have to shut all programs first and I still get a message saying about force Windows shutdown although it auto selects the answer and shuts down. From computer start-up Windows 7 loads much faster than Windows XP although slower than Snow Leopard. Whilst Snow Leopard gets to the ‘Desktop' and is ready for action, Windows 7 gets to the desktop, loads lots of programs, wait for the mouse, hang on anti-virus is still loading, right go, oh come on!

When Windows 7 is loaded and you have opened the programs you need, it works well. I rarely crash, if ever it's normally in Internet Explorer and then luckily it doesn't crash the whole system. I had problems with security settings getting my Windows XP and Windows 7 computers to network and I find the networking side of Windows 7 a little cumbersome; network settings are messy, taking several steps to get to the adapter settings, the network discovery feature is whatever and well it worked better when it was XP to be honest, but let's be honest it works and that's what is important.

Many things are familiar to current Windows users although there are settings I struggle to find that used to be obvious in Windows XP, display options are all over the place, the start menu is weird and as mentioned above the network settings are suspect.

From a plus point of view Windows 7 explorer is still well laid out, the computers, network locations and directory hierarchy are good, easily accessible, most programs work well straight out of the box as they say, performance is good when loaded, updates are always there and generally the support appears to be good.

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