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Commercial Viability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1. Intro to Article
2. Snow Leopard at a glance
3. Usability of Snow Leopard
4. Networking with OS X
5. Comparison to Microsoft Windows 7
6. Positive Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
7. Negative Features of Snow Leopard (Over Windows 7)
8. Commercial Viability of MAC OS X Snow Leopard
9. Closing


I have been a Microsoft User for sixteen years since I bought my first computer when I was 16, or should I say when my parents bought my first computer! It was a Microsoft Windows 3.11 for workgroups operating system and it was to start me out on the road to a career in IT. I started college studying Information Technology and found Microsoft to be the only operating system available to the students at the time; it's just what we were being taught.

As I progressed from college and started work in IT building computers and moving into a field service role I find there was only one system I was implementing and yes you guessed, it was Microsoft. I came across the odd Novell network or UNIX system but generally everything was Microsoft Windows 95 then 98 and 2000 and the infamous Millennium Edition (that was great!).

I qualified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in NT 4 and learnt a lot. I then worked in the field of networking and realised I actually didn't know that much from the MCSE; experience is everything with computers and I now feel fortunate to have been involved in such an IT shift that we have seen over the last twenty years.

Over the years of working in IT I have heard talk of this small company (roll eyes!) called Apple and this device they have called a Mac! I always brushed it away as a worthless competitor to Microsoft, noting that Microsoft had major market share and people were bought on their software. Apple had lost and would slowly disappear into oblivion.

I never actually looked at a Mac only hearing stories like, they don't crash, they don't get viruses, it does what I need etc. What ever people told me about Apple and this `Mac` I just rolled my eyes as the Microsoft guy that knew best, until the launch of the iPod then the iPhone. These devices were genius in a box!

I stopped and looked at Apple for the first time thinking that they were very clever, they got the iPod and iPhone brilliantly right. Design, marketing, quality, size I couldn't fault Apple for their latest devices and now I was wondering if the computers were as good. I still didn't look though, something just wasn't pulling me to the computer side; Microsoft still had that side for me.

As my job evolved I started working with a company installing multifunction photocopiers to networks for printing and scanning and frequently kept stumbling upon MacBooks that also needed to print. This was a nightmare at first as I didn't know a thing about Macs but surprisingly I found installing the photocopiers to a Snow Leopard Mac easier than I did on a PC. My mind began to wonder. The more I saw of Snow Leopard the more I wanted to know, the problem was I never saw one for long enough to mess around on.

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