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Technical Jargon / Glossary S

Below is the glossary for the letter S.

Throughout our site and especially on the tutorial pages you may see words in blue and underlined. These are links to some of the terms here where we hope to be able to clarify the meaning.

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Screensaver - A screensaver is a moving picture or moving pixels on a monitor that prevents a shadow burn to the monitor screen. You set the screensaver to come on after so many minutes. Some people don't believe the monitor burn theory although it does exist (I have seen it).

Shortcut - A shortcut is usually an icon that is placed in a commonly used and easily accessible place to enable a user quick access to a certain folder or file rather than having to search for the file.

System Restore - System Restore is a Microsoft application that allows you to backup your system settings and if needed restore your computer to an earlier backup when things go wrong.

Systray - The SysTray is the icons near the clock on the lower right side of the Windows Taskbar. It is the applications and services that are currently running.

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