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Technical Jargon / Glossary I

Below is the glossary for the letter I.

Throughout our site and especially on the tutorial pages you may see words in blue and underlined. These are links to some of the terms here where we hope to be able to clarify the meaning.

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Icon - An icon is a small graphic that identifys a program or file as a certain type.

iPhone - you love 'em or you don't. Not sure anyone hates 'em! You must of heard of this one. the iPhone is a smartphone which handles your phone calls, is capable of email, internet browsing, ipod and optional additional applications. Personally I love 'em.

Internet - The internet shouldn't require explaining really! It is a large network spanning the world that connects us all together for the purpose of sharing information and data.

iPad - is like a giant iPhone. It is a tablet that allows you to run many applications on, collect email, connect to the internet, play games and communicate with others.

IP Address - Every computer has an IP address if it belongs to any type of network. The IP address is a devices' indentification on the network/internet and allows computers to communicate with one another. It stands for Internet Protocol.

iPod - is a small device that you can store many MP3 tracks on to carry around and play them back whilst walking, exercising or just chilling out. There are different physical sizes and storage sizes available depending on your needs.

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