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Technical Jargon / Glossary H

Below is the glossary for the letter H.

Throughout our site and especially on the tutorial pages you may see words in blue and underlined. These are links to some of the terms here where we hope to be able to clarify the meaning.

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Hard Drive - A Hard Drive is a device used mainly in computers and stores data. The hard drive stores the data permenantly until the user deletes the data. A hard drive in 2011 has a typical size of 2 TB. In 1996 a typical hard drive was 320mb.

HCL - or Hardware compatibility list which is a list of hardware from different manufacturers that is compatible with Microsoft products, especially the Windows family.

Home - the word home is often found on websites and means the first/initial page that the website starts from. Microsoft also created a Windows product version called 'home' which is aimed at home users strange enough!

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