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Technical Jargon / Glossary F

Below is the glossary for the letter F.

Throughout our site and especially on the tutorial pages you may see words in blue and underlined. These are links to some of the terms here where we hope to be able to clarify the meaning.

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Firefox - Mozilla Firefox is an alternative internet web browser to Internet Explorer. Many people prefer Firefox as it can be faster and less troublesome.

Firewall - A firewall is a device or software or software item that protects your internal network form outside attack from hackers, viruses and other unauthorised applications.

Format - Format means to take a media such as a floppy disk, hard drive, SD card and wipe it clean and make it useable and readable in another/same way.

Function - A function is a programming term that runs a set of commands. The idea behind a function is you write the commands once as a function and when you need to run those commands again you just write the function name instead of writing all the commands out again.

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